A little homage to By Terry Baume De Rose

I adore lip balms and I am pretty unfaithful and easily seduced when it comes to choices, they are so pretty, so collectible and in terms of lip products overall I look for beautiful textures, outstanding quality and pretty colours or natural enhancing finishes.

I always have quite a few lip products in my handbag and one time I counted them up and there were fifteen! Fifteen in one handbag….just a few….I know I have an obsession…..ssshhh don’t tell anyone.

There is one lip balm that will always be in my collection and that is the cult classic By Terry Baume De Rose by Terry De Gunzburg.

Rose flower essential wax is one of the key ingredients along with shea butter, this quite simply is a lovely texture that sinks into your lips and feels luxurious and a beautiful smell – soft rose/parma violets springs to mind. I find the balms very healing and one application leaves my lips soft and sumptuous all day. I adore every format of the By Terry Baume De Rose line. It is addictive and it is also a great beauty essential.

Limited Edition

The traditional baume in a beautiful heart printed limited edition pot.

Baume De Rose - Limited - Open

Or De Rose

Or De Rose Precieux Baume – a stunning rose gold version of the original baume, this is well loved.

Baume De Rose - Or - Open

Nutri-couleur – Mauve Moon

Looks scary in the pot but when applied – gorgeous – a delicate pinky purple and a soft shimmer that catches the light, this is the latest one in my collection and I love it.

Baume De Rose - Mauve - Open


Here just for the sheer cuteness that is a mini baume de rose – mini products are just so covetable – love this!

Baume De Rose - Mini

Skin comes to life!

I know, I know, I am late to the party! Where have I been!?

It was two weeks ago that I was Manchester bound to meet my best friend for breakfast and post leisurely breakfast we decided to pop into Space.NK.Apothecary. It is a treasure trove of wonders and I could literally spend hours in there. I was picking up a trusty By Terry Gloss Terrybly Shine (love!).

The women in Space.NK.Apothecary are lovely and as I was at the counter to pay I spied the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette in the corner of my eye on display….I was promptly told that there were two palettes behind the counter and would I like to look at one – hell yes! (I screamed inside) but I politely said ‘yes please’ in a cool, calm and collected way….as you do.

The palette opened and angels sang – so beautiful and of course there was no hesitation in purchasing it. So it was not a planned purchase at all, I honestly do not often buy into trends, I will sometimes actively avoid them and just generally appreciate quality and beauty and adore classics on the whole and to be honest by the time I even thought about the palette it had sold out pretty much everywhere.

I have been using the palette ever since for all of my everyday make-up looks whether that be paired down and casual or a little more glamorous.

There are three blushes – Amaretto (mineral blush), Pamplemousse (mineral blush) and Rose Spritz (luminous blush) ย and two shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighters – the cult – champagne pop and prosecco pop.

Becca - Open

The products are so pigmented, I am certain this palette will last for years as a dab into each pan with a brush of your choice or even fingers gives you such strong colour pay-off, so I would start with a tiny amount and build from there.

I use Amaretto on my cheeks, I gently contour with this shade too. I like a pop of Rose Spritz on the tops of my cheeks and I mix a little of the champagne and prosecco pop onto my cheekbones, down the middle of my nose, onto my cupids bow and onto my brow-bones. I haven’t used Pamplemousse yet as the colour is strong and pigmented so I am waiting until I get a little bit of a tan on my face before I dip into that colour and try it out.

If you apply the colours gently and layer up the look is so expensive and your skin has a subtle glow that catches the light in all the right places. You can, of course, apply the products more heavily for a very gilded look. The choice is yours.

This is such a beautiful well thought out palette and I am so glad that chance brought us together as this is a welcome addition to my make-up collection. Skin truly does come to life!