Beautiful Eyebrows

Ready set brow and gimme brow boxed

I love having my eyebrows shaped, I do think it is the one thing you can do to your face that makes a real difference, making you look more youthful and groomed and the results can either be subtle or impactful.

I have always been a fan of Shavata and I regularly go to Harvey Nichols in Manchester to visit the brow studio to have my eyebrows threaded to perfection. The results are fantastic. Having tried waxing in the past, which I found quite brutal on the delicate skin around my eyes, I find threading to be quite the opposite as it does not aggravate the skin and is not as invasive. Over time I have found that my growth has diminished where I do not want it to be (why did a random eyebrow hair always end up closer to my eyelid than my eyebrow! My eyes haven’t drooped that much yet!) and my eyebrows keep their shape for longer which is a real plus.

I have good eyebrows but in their natural state they do need a little enhancement to fill in the odd gap where I am growing them a little thicker and to create a slightly stronger look than my natural look, which is something I particularly like to do when I do my daily make-up. I am always looking for good eyebrow products and I love to experiment and try different types of products such as waxes, powders, gels and so on.

I am also intrigued by more semi-permanent techniques such as micro-blading but I am not  necessarily ready to take the plunge yet to have a procedure like that carried out and besides with so many great eyebrow products on the market I enjoy the flexibility and control you can have over your eyebrows to rock either a strong look for an evening out or be ‘girl next door’ with something softer when you are dressed down at the weekend in jeans and relaxing.

Benefit have refreshed and revitalised their brow range and have also released more products in their brow line up to ‘wow your brows’.   I love the new packaging and the uniformity in terms of colour and style across the current offering Benefit has for brows (which includes absolutely everything you could ever think of for your brow needs to be fair!)

Benefit Gimme Brow

I have always had the award winning Gimme Brow in my make-up kit since its original release.

Lots of little microfibres fill in and plump up your brows giving them shape and definition. If you are after a quick fix without the need to use a pencil or do not want to spend considerably more time than necessary shaping your eyebrows then this product does enable you to achieve a fantastic natural full and groomed look speedily. The minuscule brush is the perfect size to hug the eyebrow as you brush through the hairs.

Benefit Ready Set Brow

After I have used Benefit Gimme Brow I like to run though my eyebrows with an eyelash/eyebrow wand/spoolie and that is how I use Benefit Ready Set Brow. This product softens the look of the Gimme Brow, leaves eyebrows even and sets the shape, particularly good if you have any wayward eyebrows that have a mind of their own, I know I do and sometimes, depending on how I have slept at night, they do seem to have a mind of their own and stick out in different directions – lovely! The gel is clear and the brush is really cool as it has longer bristles on one side and shorter bristles on the other to enable you to coat the hairs evenly for sculpting and shaping.

Lisa Potter-Dixon is the Head make-up Artist and Brow Expert for Benefit Cosmetics and I would suggest checking out her Instagram and You Tube for inspiration and some cool step-by-step guides on how to do your make-up and eyebrows – very inspirational and such a lovely person too.


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