Thank you Mrs Howarth..

Where did it all begin, this love of fragrance?

I was the child who gathered rose petals, squashed them and placed them in water.

There were deep red velvety English roses in the front garden at my childhood home that my mum loved because the smell was so heady and rich and we used to smell them together.

Everywhere I went I picked leaves, crushing them between my fingers, pulled up grass to smell the sweetness. A large part of my childhood was outdoors – cycling, skating, running, climbing trees, smelling flowers, wading in rivers and I have vivid memories of bluebell woods, white flowers, trees and green – the beautiful scent of leaves, trees, bark and grass. Nature.

I had never owned a fragrance, I didn’t know about notes, fragrance families, ingredients or perfume houses. I just loved things that smelt amazing.

At secondary school sitting in class all I did know was that every-time Mrs Howarth, my English teacher, walked by the fragrance she wore was absolutely beautiful. I think it was her ‘signature’ fragrance as she always smelt the same.

I remarked on the fragrance, she told me what it was.

Tresor Eau De Parfum.

Tresor - upright

Fresh, floral, fruity, spicy, it is fine and elegant. Peach, apricot, jasmine, rose, vanilla and sandalwood.

Mrs Howarth came to my desk one day and passed me a tiny tissue wrapped bundle, I opened it up and inside was a tiny Tresor Eau De parfum miniature. For me, all for me. I was bowled over.

It is timeless and ageless  – I was barely 14 years old at the time and still love it now as a woman who is thirty-something 😉

Tresor really is a ‘treasure’ and so special to me. It takes me back to a time in my life when someone’s kindness introduced me to the wonder of fragrance.

Tresor has since been gifted to me by some very special people in my life and I have even bought it as a gift for myself.

Thank you Mrs Howarth for your thoughfulness and kindness shown to a young girl who at that point in her life would not have been able to purchase something so beautiful as a bottle of fragrance from an amazing perfume house, created by such a fantastic nose.

Sophia Grojsman has created so many beautiful fragrances that I adore and have adored at different stages and ages throughout my life – Ex Cla-ma tion! Calyx, Paris and Eternity to name a few.

Memories last and fragrance memories are everlasting.

Do you have a special fragrance memory?

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