Chanel No 5 & a little tribute

Chanel 2

Chanel No 5.

Bold, iconic and classic. The secret every woman should share….a woman’s perfume, rare and powerful…..

The fragrance I appreciate and adore but will never wear……fact.

The reason – it is my mum’s signature fragrance. That is also why for this post there are no photographs of the bottle – I don’t own a bottle (I am a Chanel No 19 and Coco Noir girl) but I gift it regularly to my mum in every format I can get my hands on and especially at Christmas when Chanel release beautiful limited edition options scented with the delectable No 5 aroma – hair mists, body creams, lotions, travel atomisers and dusting powders.

Reserved in my mind and heart, especially for her.

Her tastes are simple – the bath soap, lotion on the skin, layering with the Eau De Parfum version of the beautiful Chanel No 5, although the ‘parfum cheveux’ is now a firm favourite too. The bottle’s design is sheer simplicity and I love the ‘clunk’ you hear when you pop the lid back on after applying a spritz of the fragrance, pure quality. The bottle is ornamental and iconic as much as it is a beauty product.

Rose de Mai, jasmine and a touch of vanilla – a soft powdery dry down that leaves a beautiful sillage. A very special fragrance for a very special woman.

I also love the neroli in the pure parfum miniature (part of her collection courtesy of moi!). Aldehydes arrest and isolate the components of the scent to act as a seasoning boosting the aroma and it’s lasting soapy tone,  it is powerful.

Just like my mum – a real ‘tour de force’ and someone who deserves a little luxury in her life.

My dream is to go to Grasse and walk through the May Rose fields at dawn and to smell the jasmine grandiflorum growing in the area. What a thought! Heavenly.

So this post is a little tribute to my mum and her favourite fragrance and a beautiful perfume that I appreciate and enjoy through her when she sprays it on in my company from her gorgeous travel atomiser and when she gives me a hug and I smell it in her hair – she is bold, she is a classic, she is powerful and she is rare (there is only one!).

I think Chanel No 5 was made especially for her 🙂 it really does embody her character and her spirit……I love you mum x

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